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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Few pics from a few hour carp fishing session

Shame i didn't get any pictures with any carp, as i lost one about an hour in. Next session hopefully i'll have some to put up on the next report!


  1. hahah, just got back from a trip myself. I don't know what I'm trying to catch, starting to think they might be carp. They look like and swim like rainbow trout, but this f*cker took the bait, I could see him take it, and he spit it out the second I went to set the hook. He was gumming it around. Starting to think they're carp. What kind of bait would be best for carp?

  2. Depends on where you're fising really, i recommend leaning how to tie hair rigs, and using a bolt rig set up and using boilies

    Where abouts are you, uk or us?

  3. Looks lovely. Would love to try fishing.

  4. Nice photos! I think i'll go hiking this weekend, i need some more nature in my life.

  5. Carp update -> I'm definitely fishing for carp.

    Will try chicken liver next.

  6. Sweetcorn!? hmmmmmm

    You just load up a couple of kernels onto a hook and you're good to go?

  7. These are some awesome pics, man! And you're music on here is pretty interesting! (I'm not really a fan of the genre, but my housemate assures me s'all good)

    Expecct my constant reader-ship! You are being followed! Should you have the spare time (an hour or so may be required) would be honoured if you'd give my blog a little check-through!

    'Til then, take care, eat lots of fruit and beware strange wavering bee formations!