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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Few pics from a few hour carp fishing session

Shame i didn't get any pictures with any carp, as i lost one about an hour in. Next session hopefully i'll have some to put up on the next report!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mindstep Music Compilation.

If you're a fan of deep and dark dubstep then you should definitely check this compilation out. It comes out on the 18th of April.
There is some great artists on here!

VA - MindStep Music Compilation (PROMO CLIPS) by MindStep_Music

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I think

I have become addicted to cheese and onion sandwiches, they're the SHIT.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The sun is out!

Time to let some natural light in, open some windows and get on some reggae!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Munchin out

Jimmy Cliff and An amazing piece from Joe Higgs.

2 inspiring clips from the documentary Roots, Rock reggae. Jimmy cliff sings a number of his hits in one song and some other stuff, and an acoustic from Joe Higgs which is truly beautiful.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Orientis Records - Thelem and Coleco

These should definitely get a mention, a new label pushing the deep, experimental dark sounds of dubstep, one my favourite labels at the moment.

Look out for the coming release by Thelem.
Lucid Dream is a biiiiiiiig tune.

ORTS002-THELEM, LUCID DREAM EP (SAMPLE) by orientisrecords

Also, if breaky, organic sounding dubstep is your thing then check out Colecos Martyrs EP.


One of my favorite producers at the moment.
This man is making some big stuff.
Really feeling his garagey/techno/house/funky ect..ucallitwut? stuff.
His Idle EP was really something special.
I've added some soundcloud links to some of my favorites from him.

Sclist - V by Sclist

Safari (clip) [Forthcoming Frijsfo Beats] by Sclist

Hip Hop Heads? Check out Ransom Elite + Mr.p on the buttons and a free track from Yung-V and Mr.p on the buttons.

Apparently they have an album coming out soon,which should be dropping around the summertime.

Exclusive track off of the album below..

Ransom Elite - Writers Block by Mr.P's Beats

Free Track - Dont sleep on this one, tis a big one.

YUNG-V - Thank You (Prod. By Mr.P) from "Abstract Dreams" available now by Mr.P's Beats

Some snippets of beats.

Quite alright + cant you see + If youve Ever snippets by Mr.P's Beats

You can hear more by checking out his soundcloud...


Heres a youtube channel promoting up and coming talent in grime + new tunes.
It includes freestyles, new music, producers ect.

Heres a taster.

A young mc named Intact, 16 years old.
Let me know what you're saying in the comments.

Stuff that inspires me that might inspire you.

I was thinking i should do a 'stuff that inspires me that might inspire you' post every week on a sunday, if you think i should just leave a comment on here.

Great documentary which gives a nice insight on Techno.

Lee Perry..

And some Omar S!

Roska has given away a free tune + more fresh stuff from Roska.


D/L Link -

Here's Roskas remix of the 2011 pow, i'm feeling this one, it gives the tune a whole different feel and IMO i like this better than the original and he has given it away for free too!

Swindle ft. Roses Gabor - Spend Is Dough (Roska & Swindle Remix) by roskakickssnares

This one is some fresh business, it has some funk to it which Swindle is known for and the Funky feel from Roska with some sweet vocals on top, if anyone has any more info on this feel free to comment.
I am hoping this gets released!!!
Unexplainable by Cairo

Here's a tune i keep coming back to for another listen, such a big tune, the vocals are superb.

Big up Cairo.

Check out more of his stuff here.